Film Developing Services


We develop (process) all our film in a Jobo ATL 2. The ATL 2 provides the best results for repeatable, accurate, and consistent development of every roll of film processed. We use only fresh Ilford and Kodak chemistry, and we are very picky about the maintenance and cleanliness of our equipment. Don’t forget we also sell fresh Ilford film and make digital negatives/LVTs.

  • Your film will be processed using FRESH chemistry – we do not replenish or reuse solutions
  • Film processed on reels with automated agitation – no dip and dunk or minilab used
  • Film will remain uncut unless otherwise requested on order form.
  • 5-7 Day turn around. Please inquire about rush service.
  • Custom developers and push/pull processing available
Process Only 35mm & 120
(1 Roll)
35mm & 120
(5+ Rolls)
(1 Sheet)
(5+ Sheets)
Shipping Included $15 $10 each* $7 each $4 each*
Drop Off $12 $9 each* $4 each $3.50 each*
Cut and Sleeve $2.50 per roll $2.50 per sleeve
Push Process (up to 4 stops) +$3 per roll +$2 per roll* +$3 per sheet +$2 per sheet*
3 Day Rush +50% per roll +50% per sheet
1 Day Rush +100% per roll +100% per sheet
Same Day Rush (in lab by 12PM) +200% per roll +200% per sheet
Process & Scan, Full Roll JPEG 35mm & 120
(1 Roll)
35mm & 120
(5+ Rolls)
**Low Resolution Shipping Included $28 $23 each*
Low Resolution Drop Off $25 $20 each*
**Medium Resolution Shipping Included $35 $30 each*
Medium Resolution Drop Off $32 $28 each*

*Quantity discount applies to rolls of SAME film type, format, and ASA setting only
* *Low resolutions scans = 8” at 300ppi at the shortest dimension / Medium resolution scans = 12” at 300ppi at the shortest dimension

For high resolution scanning options visit our Scanning & Retouching page.

Follow these steps to send in your film

  1. Print and complete the Film Processing Order Form and Shipping Label and include it with your order.
  2. Carefully package your film in a small box or padded envelope.
  3. Affix the free shipping label to your package and mail.