Gift Certificates Available

121413_Xmas-card_0005-bwSo what can you buy with a DigitalSilver Imaging gift certificate?
You can use a Digital Silver Imaging gift certificate to purchase beautiful silver gelatin black & white printing and museum quality color inkjet printing. Gift certificates can also be used to purchase: mounting, matting, framing.

Can I use my Digital Silver Imaging Gift certificate to buy a service that is on sale?
Unfortunately, you cannot combine the Holiday Gift Certificate Bonus with other promotions at this time.

Can I redeem my gift certificate for cash?
Sorry no-can-do on that one. Digital Silver Imaging gift certificates can only be used to purchase services and products we sell.

Will my gift certificate expire?
No, your gift certificate will not expire. In fact, many states have implemented laws to protect consumers of gift certificates from expiration.

How do I purchase a Gift Certificate for a friend or family member?

You need to enter the recipient of your gift certificate in the shipping address menu and your information in the billing portion of the menu. DO NOT select “Use my shipping address as my billing address.” For step-by-step instructions with illustrations follow this link.

Gift Certificates can be used to purchase custom black & white, and custom color prints, mounting, matting, and framing products only. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash, and do not expire.