The Monkees in St. Louis 1967

In the wake of Davey Jones sudden death, we have worked with another amazing archive of images from the great era of musical history.  All the images were shot by a young Tom Morton working for Teen Magazine. The collection consists of 325 black and white Kodak Tri-X negatives.
Pictures taken of The Monkees and Lulu Kennedy-Cairns on the1967 US Tour in St. Louis, Mo. August 5th at Kiel Auditorium and at the St. Louis Lambert Field Ramada Inn.  The stars included were Davey Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith and Lulu. .
At the Ramada Inn swimming pool and putting green area the pictures include the following:  Davey (always in bathing suit at this location) signing autographs for kids, Davey taking pictures of fans, and on putting green with golf club, Davey and Mickey on the phone calling home, Mickey and Davey, and Lulu in the pool, Nesmith being interviewed in coffee shop, great shots with fans.  Shots with Johnny Rabbit St. Louis disk jockey (Don Pietromonaco, who played Little Beaver on the Red Rider show)
At the venue (Kiel Auditorium)  Shots include:  Incredible mobs of fans screaming and taking pictures as the group arrives, interacting with fans, shots of the stage performance, crowd. All photographs copyright Tom Morton – traditional silver gelatin prints are available upon request.  Contact Digital Silver Imaging.
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