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Infrared Camera Conversions

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Please Note: Currently we are not accepting any new IR Conversions. We are improving our conversion process, we will be up and running next week. 6/18/14

Infrared camera conversions have made infrared photography easy and hassle free. Today's digital cameras record a very broad range of the light spectrum. By simply modifying almost any digital camera, it can be converted to a dedicated infrared capturing device.

Our Professional IR Conversion Services include:

  • Camera calibration to the lens of your choice at NO extra charge!
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • We utilize the same testing and calibration equipment as the camera manufacturers
  • All cameras are rigorously tested

Our IR Conversion Process

Our facility meets the highest quality standards. Our technicians are professionally trained. Your camera's infrared conversion is performed in a cleanroom, using antistatic and electrostatic discharge safe tools and equipment to insure that no damage will be done during the conversion process.

First, we expertly remove the camera's external housing. We then extract the internal Low-Pass Filter that covers your imaging sensor. The removed filter is replaced with the highest quality polished glass and quartz filter that meets the specific nanometer infrared filtration you request. See the guide below to determine which conversion meets your needs.

We finish your conversion by adjusting the camera focus. Unlike some other companies, we perform this adjustment during every conversion at no additional charge. Adjusting camera focus is essential and guarantees your camera will focus as well or better than before the infrared conversion. Your camera is reassembled and returned to you ready to shoot. Note that extreme wide angle lenses and fisheye lenses may require an additional charge so please let us know if that is the type of lens you intend to use.

Choosing the right infrared conversion

Note: We charge the same price regardless of the filter you choose.

IR conversion comparison chart

715nm Standard IR Conversion - The 715nm filter allows your camera's digital sensor to capture all infrared light and a small portion of the color light spectrum. The 715nm filter produces images that need little post production work to achieve a classic black & white infrared appearance. 90%+ of our customers choose this option.

665nm Color IR Conversion - This filter allows more of the visible light spectrum to reach the sensor. If you like the look of "color" infrared this is the filter choice for you. Black & white infrared images can still be obtained but they will require more work after capture in an application such as Photoshop or Nik Silver Efex Pro.

590nm Extreme Color IR Conversion - This filter is for the color IR specialist.

830nm Extreme B&W IR – This filter only allows the infrared light spectrum to reach your sensor. The 830nm filter produces deep rich blacks and bright whites with little post production work. Be aware that images produced with this filter tend to have higher levels of contrast

Full Spectrum Clear Filter - If you want it all, normal, IR, astrophotography and a variety of other specialty applications with one camera this conversion is your choice. You simply purchase a UV-IR Cut off Filter for your lens(s) to shoot normally and the appropriate IR filter to shoot in infrared. Be advised that high-quality filters for this type of conversion can be expensive and custom white balance is necessary.

Please Note: Currently we are not accepting any new IR Conversions. We are improving our conversion process, we will be up and running next week. 6/18/14

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