Art Reproduction & Giclee Printing

Art Reproduction & Printing

Carolyn Mackin with her print of the painting Swinging Chandeliers

We approach art reproduction as a collaborative process. At Digital Silver Imaging we use the highest standards of image capture, color corrected workflow, and archival print reproduction. It takes more than sophisticated equipment, or a giant digital file, to make a good reproduction. Duplicating art takes a high level of craft and an understanding of the mediums used.

No print will ever duplicate an original painting, drawing or mixed media work, but we strive to achieve a visual and perceptual match with every print.

Our Art Reproduction Process

  • Your artwork is digitally photographed using a proprietary method to accurately reproduce texture and color. We do not use a scanner. Scanning original art over emphasizes surface and often does not accurately replicate works of art.
  • Each piece of art is individually photographed.
  • Art reproduction services include color balancing.

Fine Art Inkjet Prints

  • Our Inkjet/Giclée* prints are made on the highest quality Canon printers using LUCIA PRO Inks.
  • You can choose from a variety of different paper stocks and surfaces. We are sticklers for archival quality.
  • Limited editions with matching serialized holographic labels and certificates of authenticity are available
  • Prints 16×20 and larger include proof print
  • See Custom Color Inkjet Pricing


Matting, mounting and framing is available at reasonable prices. We can even also custom build a portfolio box or case for your edition. Once complete we can ship your prints directly to a client in the next state or around the world.

Fine Art Reproduction

Longest Dimension Single 3 or More*
Up to 14″ $90 $77
14″ to 18″ $115 $98
19″ to 30″ $150 $128
31″ to 48″ $199 $169
48″ to 72″ $249 $213
Over 72″ by quote
* Mixed sizes

File Delivery

  • Hi-res files transferred to thumb/flash drive provided by customer – No Charge
  • Hi-res files transferred via electronic upload – $5
  • Hi-res files transferred burned to CD/DVD – $8.00

Contact or call us at 617 489-0035 for more information about our fine art reproduction services.

*Giclée is French for “splash” or “squirt.” A Giclée print is simply an inkjet print. There is no agency or standard that makes a print a true Giclée. We use the term “inkjet” because we believe it is a more honest way of representing our printing method. We are one of the few labs in the North East that is a Hahnemühle Certified Studio. This means our staff, equipment, and printing practices meet rigorous professional quality standards.