Infrared Camera Conversions

photo © Ron Rosenstock

© Ron Rosenstock


Welcome to our NEW digital Infrared camera conversion service. Our goal is to always provide the best quality products and services and that is why we are proud to join the LifePixel team.

What is a Digital Infrared Camera Conversion?
Your digital camera’s image sensor is capable of capturing a very broad spectrum of visible and invisible light. By replacing your camera’s infrared blocking filter with an infrared passing filter a new realm of photographic opportunities becomes possible. To view some of the amazing Infrared images follow this link to our gallery.

Why should I use Digital Silver Imaging for my IR Conversion?
By going through our site for your IR conversion you get all the benefits of a LifePixel Digital IR Conversion and some added bonuses.

How do I get started?
Easy, just follow this link to the LifePixel site where you will select the type of camera you are converting, the filter you would like, and the other specifics.

I would like some more technical information before I get started?
Ok, Check out our FAQ’s below to get quick answers to the most popular questions.
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