--> Custom Black and White printing using silver gelatin fiber based paper

Fine Art Printing

The DSI Digital Silver Print

The fusion of modern digital technology and true silver gelatin fiber printing. We use a Lightjet 430 photographic laser printer that exposes Ilford silver gelatin papers. The RGB tri-color laser produces continuous tones and your print is processed in traditional Ilford black and white photo chemistry in our one-of-a-kind 50" processor for a completely neutral image tone, without color cast, and proven archival superiority.

Custom Black & White Printing Services

We use a collaborative approach, working with you to achieve optimal quality from your digital file or scan. Custom printing is ideal for the photographer who wants more time behind the camera shooting and less time in front of the computer tweaking files. Custom printing includes basic:

  • Thorough file inspection by our technicians
  • Cropping and resizing as requested
  • Prints 16x20 and larger include a proof print at no additional charge
  • Additional file manipulation available for an additional charge
  • Chemical sepia and selenium toning available
  • Turn around 7-10 business days

© Gary Knight/VII Photo Agency

© Gary Knight/VII Photo Agency

Henry Wilhelm considers the black and white fiber based print as the "high watermark of photography in terms of permanence. The silver image itself appears black because the pure silver is not affected by exposure to light, unlike color dyes or even pigments."

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New customers unsure?

You send us one file and we'll make 2 8x10 prints, 1 RC and 1 Fiber. No cropping. Images printed full frame on 8x10 paper. No adjustments made.

A perfect way to try our service and see your prints in REAL silver gelatin black & white! All for a great price!

A $68 value for only $45—USPS shipping included

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The Making of a Digital Silver Print


  • True silver gelatin baryta based paper, 310gsm
  • Glossy fiber surface (this paper has less gloss than gloss inkjet or RA4 papers)
  • White paper base with warmer image tones
  • Processed in liquid chemistry to archival standards
  • Ideal for exhibitions, portfolios and fine art prints
  • Superior silver content for richer tones and shadow detail


  • True silver gelatin resin coated paper
  • Ilford Pearl surface (similar to lustre surface)
  • Medium weight paper base, 190gsm
  • Processed in liquid chemistry to archival standards
  • Neutral to cool image tone, excellent sharpness and contrast

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Discounts are available for multiple copies of same print or for largr projects. Turn around time: 7-10 business days. Panoramic prints 48" wide and up to 10' long can be printed on either RC or Fiber paper. Call 617 489-0035 or email us for cost and turn around time.

Custom Panoramic Prints

  • We can print long length panoramic prints, up to 10' long!
  • $11/linear inch for our Custom Fiber paper
  • $3/linear inch for our Custom RC paper
  • Perfect for your stitched files or Widelux, X-Pan, and Fuji 617 negs.

Image by Corinne Schippert
© Corinne Schippert


  • We offer Selenium and Sepia toning on both RC and Fiber prints
  • True chemical toning is used to alter the image tone and enhance the archival life of the print.
  • Visit our toning page for complete details on our toning services.
Toner Price
Selenium Please add 50% to the print price
Sepia Please add 50% to the print price

Shipping Policy

All orders within the US ship via UPS Ground. We happily ship orders all over the globe. International shipping quoted on a per order basis.

Shipping charges are determined by package size/weight.