Prints on Metal

Prints on Metal are made with a dye sublimation process that uses heat to transfer an image onto a specially treated metal surface. Prints on metal, are durable and scratch resistant because the dyes are below the coated surface of the print.

Prints on metal can be made on a variety of aluminum substrates.  A white base gives images a classic photographic look. A clear base allows the metallic aluminum to show through where white is present in the print, giving the image a dramatic metallic effect. Both white and clear aluminum substrates are available in a variety of surface finishes.

Because prints on metal are made on a rigid aluminum base, they can be mounted directly on the wall with a floating bracket, or framed in a float frame. Simply wipe the print with a microfiber cloth to clean. Prints on metal are ideal for public spaces and high traffic areas.

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How to Order Prints on Metal?

  1. Start by creating a folder on your desktop with the images you want to print. For more on the proper way to prepare your image follow this link.
  2. Download the ROES app using the appropriate button below
  3. Once the app (ROES) is downloaded install it on your computer and allow it to access your files
  4. Import the files into the Value Print app and you are ready to create a print order
  5. For detailed step-by-step instructions on using our app follow this link.

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