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Digitizing Your Film Archive

Your film archive has value as a source of income, a portfolio of your work, and as a historic and personal record. How to digitize your archive is often a source of confusion and misinformation. In this webinar, the experts at Digital Silver Imaging will visit a variety of ways to digitize your archive with... [Read the Rest]

Digital Silver Imaging Technical Webinar Series: Finishing Options – Best Practices for Display

A matted and framed print isn’t always the best option. In this show-and-tell presentation, Eric Luden will discuss the finer points of finishing a print for exhibition and display. Questions pertaining to archival stability, durability, and cost will be addressed along with aesthetic consideration. Finishing is often the most expensive part of making a print,... [Read the Rest]

Selecting the Right Paper for Your Prints Webinar

Presenters – Veronica Cotter & Eric Luden Realizing your artistic vision in print often depends on the paper you select. With dozens of choices how do you start the process and what is the best paper for your work? Two of the industry’s most experienced and respected professionals will take the guesswork out of selecting... [Read the Rest]

DSI at Catchlight’s Visual Storytelling Summit

EACH SPRING, CATCHLIGHT GATHERS our fellowship community and leading voices in photography, media, art and technology for an immersive day of portfolio reviews, visual exploration, conversation, and community. Join us to be inspired by artists, founders, and innovators; learn from peers and industry leaders; and explore the world through visual works of passion and curiosity. Saturday,... [Read the Rest]