DSI Portfolio Award FAQ

Q: Is the award for black and white printing services only?

A: No, the award winners can choose either DSI Digital Silver Black & White Prints® or Museum Quality Color Pigment Prints to fulfill the award.

Q: Can I apply for this award if I did not graduate with a degree in photography?

A: Yes. We realize that many emerging artists did not follow a strict path through their education. We do ask that all applicants plan on continuing their career in art. 

Q: I will have graduated by the award submission deadline can I apply before my actual graduation date?

A: Yes, however, you will need to provide proof of matriculation from an accredited institution if you are select as the award winner or as an honorable mention.

Q: I have graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art can I still apply?

A: Yes you can. Artists with graduate, undergraduate and associate degrees are all eligible.