Flextight X5 Scanner now in use at Digital SIlver Imaging

Flextight X5 Scanner

We have upgraded our film scanning equipment to the Hasselblad Flextight X5. The X5 uses a vertical optical system that allows the CCD to face downward, creating a “glass-free” optical path between the film and lens for exceptional image quality.

The Flextight X5 is capable of resolutions up to 8000 dpi. Although other devices have higher optical resolution, the X5 has superior clarity and detail retention due to the mechanical precision of its build, the electronic handling of the sensor, and the amazing quality of its Rodenstock lens. The Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanner is the new benchmark of scanning excellence.

At DSI we seek to provide the highest quality technology and service to our customers. Adding Flextight X5 scanner to our tools is a natural extension of our philosophy. Exceptional scans make exceptional print, its just that simple.

Follow this link to our scanning page.

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