How to use ROES Value Priced Service

Our ROES Value Priced Service print is produced on the same rigorously maintained equipment as our custom prints. Because the ROES application automates the process, less labor is involved allowing DSI to pass the savings on to you, our customer.

ROES Value Priced Service: A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Follow this link and download the FREE ROES Java script application. This app automates the ordering process so you get exactly what you want.



Step 2. Our little Java app needs to access your computer. Respond “Allow” so that you can upload your images for printing.ROES Step 2


Step 3. Once the app is running you will see the “Welcome” window. Click on the “Start Ordering” button and proceed.ROES Step 3


Step 4. On the right hand side of the app under “images” click on the green button to “add images” to the app. Tip: Place the images you would like to print in a folder. In this example we place the folder on our desktop and named it “*My-ROES-Files.”Roes-get files-5


Step 5. In the top left “sizes” menu choose your print size (“8×12” in the example) and from the “options” menu choose the type of print desired (“DSI Silver Gelatin Print™ RC” in the example).ROES-selctimage-6


Step 6. Drag the image you would like to print into the center of the app. If you hover over the bottom of the image cropping tools will appear. You can also move the image in the frame by placing your cursor over the image, click and hold.


Step 7. At this point you can also add “options” such as toning of black & white images, mounting, matting and framing. Here we have selected “Standout Aluminum.” Note: This menu will expand as we add more image conversion and finishing options.ROES-add-t-order-8


Step 8. Click on the “Add to Order” when you are finished with your first image. You can then proceed to process another image for printing. You can mix color and black & white images. Once finished click on the “cart” button on the top of the page.ROES-add-t-order-8


Step 9. You are almost done. Fill in all the appropriate areas under “options.” If you have a discount coupon code enter it now. Check the items you have ordered. At this point you can edit the order or add to the order by going back to “Products.” To delete an item simply enter “0” in the quantity box and press the “return” key. Click on the “Complete Order” arrow and proceed to the payment screen where you will enter your payment information.ROES-final-9


After entering your payment information your order is complete. ROES makes printing with Digital Silver Imaging fast, easy and affordable. Return to the Value Print Page

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