Thomas Roma

©Thomas Roma

©Thomas Roma

When an invitation from Anna and Thomas Roma for breakfast came we were thrilled. The ritual and pleasure of sharing a meal is often the best way to make new friends.

Thomas Roma is brilliant, funny, outspoken, and above all a passionate artist. He showed us his compact, well organized machine shop, where he makes his own cameras. We then moved on to his darkroom where Tom demonstrated many other ingenious customizations to improve the efficiency and quality of his photographic process. Like any good get together time pasted quickly and we learned a lot about Anna and Tom, and I’m sure they became more familiar with us.

The Romas work as a creative team. Their collaborative approach is inspirational as well as practical. Anna and Tom strike an envious balance. For us this was a good sign, we feel that the best way to work with an artist is in collaboration. Our breakfast with the Roma’s was, for lack of a better term, a business meeting. Digital Silver Imaging was going to create a series of images for the Roma’s show at the Steve Kasher Gallery, In the Vale of Cashmere, and this was our introduction to the project.

“We had a wonderful and productive time working with Digital Silver – the prints are stunning and the process was smooth (not to mention great food next door!). Eric is calm and charming and was willing to engage any adjustments until the prints looked exactly how we envisioned.”  – Anna Roma

The silver gelatin prints we would create needed to match the look and feeling evoked by the images in the book, In the Vale of Cashmere. Translation from one medium to another always involves trade offs, but after some initial proof prints, and a little fine tuning with Christopher in the lab, the images were shipped on time.

The images, like all the work of Thomas Roma, eloquently tells an important story beautifully, and with subtle impact. It was a true pleasure to work with the Romas. The experience we had printing In the Vale of Cashmere is why we love what we do. A big “thank you,” to Anna and Tom for letting us contribute in small part to this exhibition, and thanks also to Tod Papageorge for the introduction.

To see the images and read more about Thomas Roma and In the Vale of Cashmere follow the links below.

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Debi Cornwall

©Debi Cornwall

©Debi Cornwall

Most profiles of photographer Debi Cornwall start something like this—Harvard educated civil rights lawyer. That intro causes most people in the arts to read on and wonder. For most of us who attended art school, sloshing photo paper in trays of developer, or pushing paint around a canvas, cannot conceive of leaving such a high-powered career to become an artist. The fact that an individual would commit the time, effort and dedication to reach the highest level of a professional career and make such a dramatic change in course is perplexing.

However, once you get to know Debi Cornwall it all starts to make sense. Our paths crossed when we sponsored a container of her work at the Photoville 2015 in Brooklyn. We printed her exhibition, Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play (Gitmo on Sale). Her work is a nexus of environmental portraiture and landscape, amazingly captured at what is arguably the most secure and bizarre prison camp in the world, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo).

Debi Cornwall’s bio states, “…having returned to creative expression in 2014 after a 12-year career as a wrongful conviction lawyer. Now, my values as an advocate and trained mediator, as well as my background representing innocent DNA exonerees, inform my visual work. My photographs marry empathy and dark humor with structural critique.”

How does a photographer gain access to one of the American military’s most controversial facilities? I guess having the drive, and intelligence of a Harvard educated civil rights lawyer doesn’t hurt. But there is far more to Debi Cornwall and her images than there unique perspective on a world few get to see. The images show a humanity and empathy for both the detainees and the military, even though we never see a prisoner or the face of any US soldiers. The seemingly banal scenes are full of subtle detail that tell a powerful story that no government sensor could eliminate.

The political football of Guantánamo Bay continues to bounce back and forth with little regard of those impacted on either side of the razor wire. As of the writing of this post we continue to work with Debi, and we hope that her import work gains the exposure that it deserves.



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Lightroom Workshops with Kathy Tarantola

Lightroom Library Module
Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert, Kathy Tarantola will be the instructor for this series of workshops. Kathy always receives rave reviews from workshop participants, and Digital Silver Imaging is pleased to have her back in 2016.

You can take one of these workshops at a time or enroll for the entire series. No prerequisite required.

Lightroom 101 – Basics and Beyond
Saturday, January 23

This workshop will thoroughly cover the Library and Develop modules where you manage, keyword, edit and enhance your images. With hands-on practice, learn how to quickly and easily import, organize, edit, rate, and enhance your images, and how to work through large shoots efficiently with synchronized settings and presets. We will discuss how Photoshop will still fit in your workflow, and learn how to move between Lightroom and Photoshop easily.

We will take several images through the entire Develop workflow, reviewing tools as we go. Topics emphasized will be based on student needs. You will have time to practice with your own images, ask questions, and get feedback on your work.

Library Module
• Import process
• Organizing
• Renaming
• Presets
• Metadata and Keywording
• Using ratings and filters
• Collections
• Searching
• Exporting
• Mastering good workflow practices

Develop Module
• Evaluating photos and making creative decisions
• Perfecting tone and color in each photo
• Making local adjustments with tools such as Paintbrush and Graduated Filter
• Applying sharpening and noise reduction
• Correcting lens distortion • Using virtual copies
• Making great black and white conversions
• Presets
• Soft Proofing for printing

The class will touch on the features of the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web modules, all of which take your workflow to a professional conclusion.

No prior experience with Lightroom is necessary; however a working knowledge of computers is necessary for you to get the most from this workshop. A laptop computer loaded with at least Lightroom 5 is required. You can download a trial version at

You will gain a fresh outlook on how to manage your workflow and process your digital images faster and with more precise control, as well as learning to quickly increase your creativity and output stunning images.

Date: Saturday January 23, 2016
DATE – If conditions are too severe, this Workshop will be held on Saturday 1/30)
Time: 12-5 PM 
Location: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton St. Belmont, MA 
Fee for this course is $149*

This workshop was successfully completed on 1/23/16 

Lightroom Develop Module Intensive
Saturday, February 27, 12-5 PM

In this Develop Module intensive, we will cover many of the features that make Lightroom an amazing and powerful processor of digital images.

We will learn how to evaluate your photographs and how to make creative processing decisions with time to practice each step. Using your own images with help along the way, you will walk away with hands-on knowledge and the confidence to enhance all of your work quickly and with stunning results.

Topics include
• Perfecting tone and color in each photo
• Applying sharpening and noise reduction
• Correcting lens distortion and chromatic aberration
• Noise Reduction
• Cropping
• Spot, Red Eye, Graduated and Radial Filter, Paintbrush tools
• Hue, Saturation, Luminance, adjustments
• Using virtual copies to create variations of your work
• Post crop vignetting and the dehaze filter• Making great black and white conversions
• Creative presets – use LR templates or create your own
• Soft Proofing for printing

Our purpose in teaching module specific workshops is to have each student learn features in depth and to leave the workshop with a true understanding of the how the program can enhance your images and ease your workflow.

Date: Saturday February 27, 2016 
Time: 12-5 PM 
Location: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton St. Belmont, MA 
Fee for this course is $149*

Click the button below to enroll and pay for this workshop

LR Dev Mod

Purchase all three workshops and save $48

All 3 LR Workshops

Lightroom Library Module Intensive
Saturday, March 5, 12-5 PM

In this Library Module intensive, we will cover many of the features that make Lightroom an exceptional Digital Asset Manager used by many professional photographers.

We will have time to practice, so you will walk away with hands-on knowledge. We will cover the best workflow practices of importing, renaming, using stars and color labels for rating, and keywording and metadata for identification and search simplicity.

We will also delve into the Export feature and create export presets to streamline your process. Learn how to seamlessly work between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Topics include
• Import process, applying metadata during import
• Organizing – making a folder structure that works for you
• Viewing Modes
• Renaming, creating new folders, moving files
• Removing vs Deleting files
• Metadata and Keywording
• Using star ratings and color labels
• Searching / Filtering – how to find anything!
• Collections & Smart Collections to organize multiple projects
• Exporting – export presets
• Mastering good workflow practices

Our purpose in teaching module specific workshops is to have each student learn features in depth and to leave the workshop with a true understanding of the how the program can enhance your workflow.

Date: Saturday March 5, 2016
Time: 12-5 PM 
Location: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton St. Belmont, MA 
Fee for this course is $149*

Click the button below to enroll and pay for this workshop

LR Lib Mod

Purchase all three workshops and save $48

All 3 LR Workshops

For over two decades, Kathy Tarantola has been sought after as a commercial and editorial photographer working throughout Boston and New England. Kathy is an experienced instructor having conducted photography workshops across the US and abroad. She is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom a respected member of the photo community and has served as Co-president and board member of the New England chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

*Refund Policy: Because our instructors commit their time to workshops and space is limited, our refund policy is as follows: Cancellations 2 weeks prior to the workshop will receive a full refund. Cancellations a week before the workshop date will receive a 50% refund. All other cancellations will not receive a refund but may apply 50% of the workshop fee to a future workshop of the same or greater price. You must notify us of your cancellation or inability to attend via email. (

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