DSI Portfolio Award Winners Announced

Recognizing an outstanding image series from a field of excellent options is a jurors task – sharing this responsibility with Becky Senf and Laura Bidwell was my privilege and pleasure. The inaugural DSI Portfolio Award drew an engaging mix of content and subject matter from a wide geographic audience of recently graduated photographers.

Amiko Li congratulations on receiving our First Place Award! All three jurors responded to your evocative body of work featuring innovative perspectives, use of color and a wide reach of content. As Laura Bidwell stated, “There is a lot of good here.” We felt your technical ability matched your perceptual blend of serendipity and mystery. Becky Senf noted how your work transcends aspects of street photography into portraiture. Your series left us content to sit with each image alone – yet eager to see more of your story.

Elaine Bezold congratulations on receiving an Honorable Mention Award. Your black and white portfolio brought to mind the work of Ralph Gibson as noted by Becky Senf. We all three were intrigued by your ability to conflate domesticity with an ominous overtone. Your sequencing was bold and brave reflecting your strong sense of narration and firm grasp of an individual style. Each sharply graphic image conveyed a world of possibilities with a lingering sense of wonder and curiosity.

Nicholas Mehedin congratulations on receiving an Honorable Mention Award. Your series seamlessly combines place and person. Intrigue was deftly conveyed by your defiant use of light and shadow. Simultaneously your pleasing color palette was sparse yet purposeful. The unexpected sequencing led us to be inquisitive – curious where we were being transported to next and asking why.


Amiko Li, Glasses


Amiko Li, Kate


Amiko Li, Parachute


Amiko Li, Red


Amiko Li, Venus


Elaine Bezold


Elaine Bezold


Elaine Bezold


Elaine Bezold


Elaine Bezold

Picture 002

Nicholas Mehedin


Nicholas Mehedin


Nicholas Mehedin


Nicholas Mehedin

1 002

Nicholas Mehedin

Amiko_Li_17_1828_Glasses thumbnail
Amiko_Li_17_1828_Kate thumbnail
Amiko_Li_17_1828_Parachute thumbnail
Amiko_Li_17_1828_Red thumbnail
Amiko_Li_17_1828_venus thumbnail
amiko-Li-statement thumbnail
Elaine_Bezold_17_1669_elaine_bezold1 thumbnail
Elaine_Bezold_17_1669_elaine_bezold2 thumbnail
Elaine_Bezold_17_1669_elaine_bezold3 thumbnail
Elaine_Bezold_17_1669_elaine_bezold4 thumbnail
Elaine_Bezold_17_1669_elaine_bezold5 thumbnail
elaine-statement thumbnail
Picture 002 thumbnail
Nicholas_Mehedin_17_1658_Nicholas_Mehedin_2 thumbnail
Nicholas_Mehedin_17_1658_Nicholas_Mehedin_3 thumbnail
Nicholas_Mehedin_17_1658_Nicholas_Mehedin_4 thumbnail
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Documentary Master Class with Glenn Ruga

Designed for photographers who are working on, or are interested in working on, a body of work culminating in a portfolio or a multimedia presentation. Developing skills of conceptualizing a project, shooting, printing, editing,  sequencing, and communicating the concept of a project are the objectives of this Master Class.

Students may present their work during class as prints, projected digital images, or multimedia presentations. While the core of the class is based on still photography, video, sound, or motion may be used as part of the project. Students will be expected to present a final project at the end of the class to the instructor and other classmates in the form of a portfolio of prints, a multimedia presentation, a website, or a book dummy.

The class is designed for photographers who want to engage in a learning environment that will provide consistent valuable feedback and discussion with an instructor and other engaged class members. The class will lean toward subject-based photography but abstract and non-subject based work is also encouraged.

The weekly class will involve analyzing work by accomplished photographers, developing concepts for projects, and regularly reviewing work from class participants.

Requirements: Proficiency in technical aspects of photography including use of digital or film camera, ability to bring in prints or digital slide presentation on a regular basis, and willingness to commit to a project that will be further developed during the course of the class.

Where: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton Street, Belmont MA
When: Eight Tuesdays starting September 15, 2015. Exact schedule TBD. 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Tuition: $550
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

One assistant position is available at half price. Inquire with instructor.

Click Here to Register – Only 10 Participants Accepted

Instructor: Glenn Ruga is the Founder and Director of Social Documentary Network and the former Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center. Ruga has produced three major documentary projects that each traveled to numerous locations across the United States. He served as a curator of the 2012 New York Photo Festival and has been a reviewer at FotoFest, Review Santa Fe, Palm Springs Photo Festival, New England Portfolio Reviews, PDN Portfolio Reviews, and New England ASMP Reviews. His curated exhibits include Global Health in Focus (Photographic Resource Center, 2012); PRC in NYC (New York Photo Festival, 2012); On the Razor’s Edge: Between Documentary and Fine Art Photography (New York Photo Festival, 2012); Global Warning (555 Gallery, Boston, 2014); Rania Matar, Girls in Between and Nancy Grace Horton, Being 13 (Photographic Resource Center, 2012), and four exhibitions of work from the Social Documentary Network including Crisis and Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession (2010); Ten Years After 9/11: Searching for a 21st Century Landscape (2011);The Art of Documentary (2012); and Using the Power of Photography to Promote Global Awareness (2014).

For more information or questions about the class, email glenn@socialdocumentary.net

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Infrared Photography Workshop

Laurie Klein is the author of "Photographing the Female Form With Digital Infrared"

Laurie Klein is the author of “Photographing the Female Form With Digital Infrared” by Amherst Media

Back by popular demand. Internationally acclaimed artist, photographer, educator and author, Laurie Klein, will be teaching an infrared photography workshop. Laurie will show participants the creative possibilities of infrared through her own unique images and hands-on demonstrations. Participants will be inspired by Laurie’s myriad use of infrared capture of both the landscape and the human form. She will also cover:

•  How IR interprets the visual spectrum (Image pre-visualizing)
•  Making good exposures utilizing your histogram
•  Camera Settings and infrared capture
•   Which subjects make for the best IR images
•  IR post production  including: using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, raw conversion, IR file characteristics, and 3rd party plug-ins
•   Hands-on shooting session (weather permitting)

Bonus Instructor!
Laurie will be joined by her son and professional photographer, Kyle Perler. Professional freelance photographer, Kyle will assist in providing intensive one-on-one instruction during the hands-on portion of the workshop.

NEW Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Place: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton Street, Belmont MA 02478
Fee for this workshop is $149

IR Workshop

Instructor Bio
Laurie Klein
 is recognized worldwide for her infrared photography. Her work embodies a soft passionate style that most often depicts the human experience in nature. She began photographing Infrared film under the tutelage of Ansel Adams and she has never looked back.  Laurie has been teaching for over 30 years and is currently an instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Peters Valley and the Texas School of Professional Photography. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications and a life-long record of gallery exhibitions. She is the author of the recently released The Female Form with Digital Infrared (Amherst Media) and Hand Coloring Black and White Photography (Quarry Books).

*Refund Policy: Because our instructors commit their time to workshops and space is limited, our refund policy is as follows: Cancellations 2 weeks prior to the workshop will receive a full refund. Cancellations a week before the workshop date will receive a 50% refund. All other cancellations will not receive a refund but may apply 50% of the workshop fee to a future workshop of the same or greater price. You must notify us of your cancellation or inability to attend via email. (info@digitalsilverimaging.com).

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